Leadership comes in many forms. Marvelwood's student leadership programs are a crucial part of the residential life experience and give all students the opportunity to affect change and develop lifelong advocacy skills. Leadership opportunities range from traditional roles such as student government representative and dormitory prefect, to less traditional roles such as peer mediator and community service. 

Student Government

The Student Government at Marvelwood acts as an organizational body for student activities. One of the functions of the Student Government is to promote school and class unity by planning special events, fund-raisers and weekend activities. The Student Government also promotes the welfare and morale of the community at large by exercising positive peer leadership.

Officers and representatives for the rising sophomore, junior and senior classes are chosen by vote in the fall. The Senior Class President and Vice President serve as Student Body President and Vice President. The freshman class also conducts its election in the fall. The student government has regular bi-weekly meetings; all are welcome to attend.

Peer Mediators

The Peer Mediation and Conflict Resolution program trains selected students and prefects to handle minor disputes between members of the School community. The program's goals are to teach students effective communication skills and to provide them a place to work out their problems in the absence of a faculty member. Peer Mediators are nominated by the faculty. After a formal training program, Peer Mediators meet weekly throughout the year.

Leadership 日历

Residential Prefects

Prefects are students who have earned the trust and respect of their peers and the faculty. They are selected by the faculty following an interview process in the spring, and are trained to aid in the running of the dorm, supervising study halls, overseeing dorm jobs, mediating disputes和 settling the dorm for the night. The most important role of the prefect is that of a peer counselor; someone who knows the School well and can offer helpful guidance to students. Prefects also act as a liaison between students and their dorm parents as well as serve as counsel in certain disciplinary situations.

In addition to the dorm prefects, Marvelwood selects and trains prefects to assist in the dining hall, the snack bar and the student mailroom. Activities prefects work closely with the student government and the weekend staff to identify and arrange fun and interesting activities on and off campus.

入场 Tour Guides

Each year, the Office of 入场 selects a group of veteran students to be Tour Guides. Tour Guides are selected first and foremost for their passion for the School. Tour Guides must also demonstrate a commitment to academic achievement, be able to relate to adults as well as peers和 show a willingness to be trained for public speaking. The position comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility, as Tour Guides act as ambassadors for the School.

A prospective family's first impression of Marvelwood is often shaped by the Tour Guides, who typically spend 45 minutes to an hour giving an overview of the campus and life at the School. Formal training takes place at the beginning of each school year, and continues throughout the year as the need arises. Tour Guides may be called upon to tour visitors, alumni, Board members, prospective teachers, lower school placement directors or educational consultants. Tour Guides are also asked to participate in student panels for 入场s Preview Days和 can always be counted on for honest and reflective comments and answers.

Whenever a student perspective is required, the Tour Guides are called upon to represent the School and articulate what a Marvelwood education has meant to them.

Social and Cultural Awareness

Marvelwood prides itself on treating all members of our community with dignity and respect.  Marvelwood strives to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive school climate.   We strive to help everyone feel safe and comfortable to be who they are and to be supported by the overall community.  Students are given the opportunity to make change by working with faculty in creating this environment through the Cultural and Social Awareness (CASA) community service group and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (D.E.I) Board.  CASA works to bring education and discussion to the wider school community through on-campus activism work. An extension of CASA, the D.E.I. Board is a student-lead organization, supported by faculty, which acts as a liaison for the student body to the School administration, to create, through advocacy, a supportive, culturally aware和 inclusive school environment. 



Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Board


Community Service

Community service in an important part of the culture at Marvelwood和 one of our four core values. Community Service Wednesdays is Marvelwood's weekly program, for which all students work at on- and off-campus placements, including campus recycling, local Head Start programs, Animal Welfare of New Milford和 the Kent Volunteer Fire Department. Small group sizes at the year-long placements give students the opportunity to assume responsibilities as their skills develop

Each spring, the Princess Tea Party brings local children to campus to meet their favorite princesses and special characters, have their picture taken with them, and enjoy tea and cupcakes. Marvelwood students go though training to be 'in character'和 work hard to create a truly special and magical event. To date, Marvelwood has donated over $5000 to the Make A Wish Foundation.

Senior Leadership Program

Each 九月tember before classes begin, all members of the senior class participate in a three-day Senior Leadership Orientation, including camping and team-building exercises on high- and low-ropes challenge courses.

In the spring, the Senior Service Trip provides a culminating experience for the School’s soon-to-be graduates. The trip to Washington, D.C., offers seniors tangible proof of their potential to make a difference in the lives of others. Placements differ each year and have included D.C. Central Kitchen, Habitat for Humanity’s RestoreCharlie’s Place.


Model United Nations Conferences

Marvelwood participates annually in the Yale Model United Nations. In preparation, history students research assigned countries and write position papers on international topics. Student delegates to the conferences participate on committees and speak on topics ranging from global warming, terrorism和 women’s rights to drones and governmental corruption.