Discover your voice. 
It’s the most powerful tool you Have.

Marvelwood students are encouraged to speak their minds, and they know that when they do, we will listen and engage.  By creating a safe and supportive space for young people to flex their self-expression, we create unique opportunities for them to discover just how much they are capable of achieving. We see it happen every day: that incredible moment when self-awareness and self-confidence collide and an empowered young adult emerges. 


Please join us for two upcoming events

Marvelwood-Mount Snow Academy Partnership Program Virtual Info Session

Wednesday, July 22, 6:00 pm

Learn more about this unique opportunity for student-athletes looking to cultivate their passion for skiing or snowboarding while maintaining a consistent academic program.


'Mountain Talk' Virtual Info Session

Wednesday, July 29, 6:00 pm

Join Head of School Blythe Everett P'14, '16, and Director of 入场 Maureen Smith for a virtual preview of The Marvelwood School. Hear from faculty, parents, and students, take a virtual tour of the campus and ask questions. 


Inspiration is everywhere. 

Our students explore their passions, discover beyond their imaginations, grow beyond their expectations, and achieve their own definition of exceptional.

Discover Marvelwood and discover what inspires you.


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